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Substance Abuse Services

SIMHC began offering Substance Abuse services in November 2018. Treatment is provided to youth (12 and up) and adults with substance use issues. The goal is to provide quality, cost-effective substance abuse behavioral health multi-disciplinary care to patients.

SIMHC offers the following Substance Use Treatment Services:

Substance Abuse Evaluation - This is the first step in seeking help for a substance abuse disorder. This is a one on one session with a Certified Substance Abuse Counselor in which a thorough substance use history is gathered. Clinical need is determined by utilizing ASAM (American Society of Addiction Medicine) criteria. The recommendation for treatment is shared with the patient at the conclusion of the evaluation. The patient can choose whether or not to follow through the recommendation.

Intensive Outpatient and Extended Outpatient - This programing includes both individual sessions and group sessions. The exact number of recommended hours per week is determined during the initial evaluation. Emphasis is placed on education and journaling interventions so patients can learn about the inter-connected circle of drugs and alcohol. In addition the patient will learn new coping skills to break free from the hold addiction has on their day to day functioning

Individual Counseling - In this level of care the patient will meet one on one with a Certified Substance Abuse Counselor to explore issues contributing to substance abuse. A treatment plan will be developed with input from the patient, using a holistic approach. The frequency and number of sessions is determined by the patient and the counselor working together to develop a plan for wellness.

Aftercare - Once the patient has completed Substance Abuse treatment, they have the option to continue to attend group and one individual session per week as deemed necessary by the patient and the clinician. Aftercare will focus on continued abstinence and improved quality of life

OWI Evaluations - OWI Evaluations are available for patients who need to complete one to satisfy court or legal requirements. They are easy to schedule and can be arranged for at any time. The $125 fee is required at the time of service. The person needing the OWI evaluation does not have to be an established patient of Southern Iowa Mental Health Center to have an OWI evaluation. Call the office at: 641-682-8772 to request and schedule an OWI Evaluation.