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Parent Child Interactivity Therapy (PCIT)

Parent Child Interactive Therapy (PCIT) is a specialized therapy, primarily designed for children, ages 2 – 7 * years old, who are displaying disruptive behavior. * May be adapted for older children. 

Parents of challenging kids spend a great deal of time pointing out what their child is doing wrong.

They pay a lot of attention to bad behaviors, which only increases bad behaviors.

Parents who learn to pay attention to positive behaviors will begin to see more of these behaviors.

Moreover, they will begin to build their child’s self – esteem by pointing out that they can make good choices. 

Behaviors that may be helped with PCIT include, but are not limited to: Tantrum, Arguing, Fighting, Defying Parents or Teachers, Aggression, ADHD, Stealing, Lying, Destructive Behavior, Low Self Esteem, Sad mood, Bonding in blended families, Post-divorce adjustment, Foster Children, Adopted Children. 

In PCIT, parents will learn the PRIDE Skills. PRIDE stands for: Praise: Say What You Like! Reflect: Say What They Say! Imitate: Do What They Do! Describe: Say What They Do! Enjoyment: Positive Energy!

When parents learn to use these skills effectively with their children, they begin to see a change in their child’s behavior. 

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