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1527 Albia Road
Ottumwa, Iowa 52501
Phone: (641) 682-8772
Fax: (641) 682-1924

Integrated Health Home

An Integrated Health Home (IHH) is not a physical location, but rather a team of people working together to coordinate your medical and mental health care.

Benefits of this FREE service for Medicaid (or Medicaid Eligible) adults and children include:

  • A Peer who knows what it might be like to walk in your shoes
  • A Nurse who can help with your health goals
  • A Care Coordinator who can assist in getting the services and supports you need.

Is the IHH program optional? 

Yes, IHH is voluntary. However, in the state of Iowa it is a requirement to participate in IHH in order to access some mental health services such as Habilitation or Child Mental Health (CMH) waiver services.

You do have the option to choose which IHH you would like to join though, as there are IHHs covering all Iowa counties. We currently serve Davis, Jefferson, Van Buren, Mahaska, Keokuk and Wapello counties. 

Will I lose my Medicaid if I don’t sign up?

No, but we hope you decide to give us a chance to assist in meeting your health and wellness goals!  

How do I enroll?

  • Are you or your child currently accessing Medicaid or on the Iowa Health and Wellness Plan?
  • Have you or your child ever been diagnosed with a mental health diagnosis and/or chronic medical condition?

If you answered yes to either above, (or you know someone who might benefit from IHH services), please call us at 641-814-5111.  If it turns out you or your child are not eligible, we can assist in finding other programs for you!


  • IHH Ottumwa Office: 1527 Albia Road. Ottumwa. Phone: 641-682-8772. Fax: 641-682-1924.
  • IHH Oskaloosa Office: 1417 A Avenue East. Oskaloosa. Phone: 641-682-8772. Fax: 641-682-1924.
  • IHH Bloomfield Office: 712 S West Street. Bloomfield. Phone: 641-682-8772. Fax: 641-682-1924.
  • IHH Fairfield Office: 605 South 23rd Street. Fairfield. Phone: 641-682-8772. Fax: 641-682-1924.   
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