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1527 Albia Road
Ottumwa, Iowa 52501
Phone: (641) 682-8772
Fax: (641) 682-1924

About Us

Consent Form

To start services at Southern Iowa Mental Health Center, please print and complete the Consent Form enclosed:

SIMHC Credible Consent - Oskaloosa Location
SIMHC Credible Consent - Ottumwa Location


The Mission of Southern Iowa Mental Health Center is to empower individuals and families with multiple issues in moving towards recovery and overall well- being. We do this by providing a welcoming, comprehensive and caring community mental/behavioral health program through diagnosis, treatment and partnership with helpful local resources.

Vision Statement

The vision of Southern Iowa Mental Health Center is access for all people, regardless of their: race, religion, gender, socioeconomic status or sexual identity, to quality mental health treatment. We envision people living with a mental disorder living in recovery; free of prejudice and social barriers.

Organizational Values

Leadership Values:

Our management practices will: Promote an environment  of respect for all staff. Encourage continuing professional development. Promote partnership with other community providers. Encourage all staff to be at their best performance at all times. Adhere to the Pillars of Success to keep us focused: Financial, Stewardship, Clinical Quality, Customer Service, Patient Satisfaction and Employee/Physician Satisfaction. Facility Values: Our facilities will be: Accessible to all, easy to find and well maintained. Governed by business practices that are efficient, accountable and honest.

Service Values:

Our services will: Protect the dignity and privacy of those we serve. Be clinically sound. Target outcomes that are shown to be supportive to the individual.

Employee Values:

Our staff will be: Friendly, courteous and efficient. Observe the highest ethical practice standards. Respond with empathy and compassion to the needs of the individuals we serve. Respectful to everyone that comes in our doors, regardless of their stage of change.

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